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Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon/5K/2K

The mission of City of Refuge Dalton is the commitment to affect real change in the lives of those left living in the margins of society by addressing the needs of the disadvantaged regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or disability and to help integrate them back into society to lead healthy functional lives. We are committed to deploying men, women and resources into environments where difficulty resides, bringing hope to those who live there. The promise of a better life, along with the tools to build that life, is the passion of City of Refuge Dalton.



 City of Refuge Dalton


201 Bryant Avenue,

Dalton, GA 3072

Phone: 706-226-1301

If you would like to volunteer at this years event please contact one of these organizations and they will provide you with information on how you can get involved.

All Proceeds Benefit:
City of Refuge Dalton
City of Refuge Summer Reading
City of Refuge Children's Oureach
City of Refuge Food Pantry
City of Refuge Dalton New Location on Glenwood